Parasite control

Parasite Control offered by Rolling Pet Mobile Vet located in Scottsboro, AL

Parasite Control And Prevention Leads To A Happy Pet

The harm from parasite to a pet’s health can range from minor irritation to serious conditions that, if untreated, can be fatal. Parasites also pose a threat to human health. Some pet parasites cause zoonotic infections – meaning they can be transferred from pets to humans. With one call to Rolling Pet Mobile Vet, we can be on our way to your home to test and treat your pet against any parasites they may have.

Preventing parasite infections

With advances in veterinary medicine, most parasitic infections can be prevented. However, pet owners may not be fully aware of the appropriate measures to protect their pets and, in turn, themselves and their families.

The first step is the practice of good personal hygiene, which includes always washing hands after handling pets and before eating food. Grooming animals regularly helps to reduce the risk of coat contamination. To protect people and the environment, cleaning up pet feces regularly is important because most intestinal worms are transmitted by the passage of worm eggs or larvae in feces.